St. Edward's is on Sabbatical

St. Edward’s Episcopal Church in Silverton will be on Sabbatical beginning in June. Founded in 1956, St. Edward’s, like so many mainline protestant churches, has declined in membership for the last several years. This year, as our vicar goes on sabbatical for rest and renewal, so will the congregation. Our goals are to take a break from our traditional worship and at the same time learn about and connect with our community, the way they worship, and how we might see ourselves differently in the future.

Parishioners will be locked out on May 31st and Sunday services will be cancelled. In June, the congregation will divide into three groups. We will worship with a different congregation each month: in June, other denominations; in July, an Episcopal Church; and in August a different faith. After each worship, leadership will host discussions about the services. On the fourth Sunday of each month, the entire congregation will come together off-site to celebrate the Eucharist, catch up with each other, welcome newcomers and share information about the different places of worship.

In the meantime, St. Edward’s will be soliciting guidance from the community about what Silverton needs and being open to how St. Edward’s might fulfill it. The congregation knows that prayerful discernment will lead to places it can’t currently conceive and are excited for the opportunity.
In August, the parish will come together and decide on how to move forward. It will take ideas from the summer to incorporate into its life, and will discuss the possibility of a new name. A grand re-opening is planned for September 11th.

St. Edward’s invites you on our sabbatical. Our motto has always been “Come as you are”. If you are curious and want to explore faiths with us, please contact us at parish@StEdwardSilverton.org.

Come as you are!

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